Personal Sponsorships

Our wish is that every child in Teresa’s orphanage in Kon Tum, Vietnam will have the opportunity to pursue his/her dreams!

With just 93 cents a day, you help to give another child that chance. With a personal sponsorship, you support Teresa in her dream to provide each of the children a safe home. Less than one Euro a day is enough to cover the costs for food, school or university, clothing, and medical care. Moreover, you contribute to the fact that your sponsored child can pursue his/her dreams and perhaps even fulfill them. You accompany your sponsored child on the way to an independent and promising life. This regular support is essential for Teresa and, of course, especially important for your sponsored child. 

If you can’t decide which of the kids you want to support, ask us. Maybe there is a child at the moment that needs your support, especially urgently.


Did you know that it is also possible to take over a group sponsorship?

Would you like to support a child, but you cannot afford 28 Euros per month? Simply share the sponsorship with a group of friends, with your family, work colleagues, or your (school) class.

Why can’t you see our faces?

The privacy of the children and teenagers is essential to us! Therefore, we do not show close-up pictures of the children on the Internet. However, if you sign up for a sponsorship, you will receive a personal sponsorship letter containing a picture of your sponsored child. Moreover, you will receive a letter every 8 months with updates from the life of your sponsored child and current pictures.

All designs are created by Forest Li.


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