Y Mi Lai 

Yay, I have found a sponsor!

Birthday: 2015

Age: 6 years old

Gender: Girl

Dream: Painter

Needs: Watercolors


Sadly, Y Mi Lai’s mother suffers from cancer and, thus, could not take care of her daughter anymore. Therefore she brought Y Mi Lai not long ago to Teresa’s orphanage in Kon Tum. At first, Y Mi Lai was very sad because she was no longer able to live with her mother, but now she seems to have settled in well with the large LittleBigDreams family. 

In her spare time, she loves to draw and dance with the other children. So it is not surprising that she dreams of becoming a painter one day. Unfortunately, there is only very modest painting equipment in the orphanage so far. If you would like to help fulfill Y Mi Lai’s wish for watercolors, you can donate a LittleBigDreams set for only 25 Euros. This set contains only the things that the children dream of, such as painting materials, balls, and books.

The orphanage is also lacking a place where the children can play protected from rain and sun. Therefore we are planning to build an education house. In this building, there will also be a room for our younger children, which will provide many books and games for the smallest children in the orphanage and make their hearts beat faster. Learn more about this worthwhile project here.

Y Mi Lai especially enjoys the many animals on the home grounds. She loves to watch the chickens and pigs being fed. These animals not only delight the children but also provide an essential source of income for Teresa and contribute to the independence of the orphanage. You can make the children’s hearts beat a little faster and do Teresa a big favor by donating a chicken for only 11 Euros or a pig for 52 Euros.

However, the best way to support Y Mi Lai is to take over a personal sponsorship for her. With only 93 cents per day, you can help Y Mi Lai grow up without financial worries and pursue her big and small dreams. 

i would like to sponsor Y Mi Lai:

IBAN: DE73 2005 0550 1500 5499 18



Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse