Help to self-help

Support one of our sustainable projects that contribute to the financial independence of Teresa´s orphanage in Kon Tum, Vietnam.

Our dream is that one day the orphanage will be able to support itself. To achieve this, we decide together with Teresa and Thin which sustainable project we want to implement next. The orphanage’s heads always have the final say in decisions, as they know best which project is most urgently needed. This way, we know that the money is always going to where it is needed most by the local community. Due to our short communication channels, we can plan projects quickly and realize them promptly.

Would you like to support us and actively contribute to improving the children’s daily lives at the orphanage?

Future Projects 

Do you want to help us to make these amazing projects become a reality?

We are still in need of money to start making these dreams come true! Every cent counts!

Projects in Progress

Thanks to your help, we could already finance the following projects and started with the implementation!

We cannot wait to see the results soon!

our successes

With the help of you, we could already fulfill these dreams. Together we can dream bigger and bigger!

Thank you so much for your incredible support!

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