Common room

Full cost: €4.000


One of our heart projects is completing a common room where the children can eat and study together. As soon as the new girls’ dormitory is completed, the old dormitory will be renovated and converted into a community room.

This will then serve as a dining room, as it is directly adjacent to the kitchen. Until now, the children could only eat together outside in good weather or on the floor.

Children eating on the floor

In the common room, the children can then sit at a table every day, protected from the weather, and eat together. The space can also be used for community purposes, such as singing, dancing, and assemblies. A common room provides variety and sociability in the group and strengthens the children’s sense of community. Particularly, the young children can then be together and play even in bad weather or darkness, while also always being in the company of older children due to the close proximity to the kitchen.

Vietnamese children at the table

I would like to sponsor the common room

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