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Head of the orphanage

Teresa (Y Lung)

Head of the orphanage

Teresa (Y Lung) is the head and heart of the orphanage in Kon Tum. Without her fantastic effort and love for the children, LittleBigDreams e.V. would not exist. After she met her husband, Thin, she decided to dedicate her life to helping children who were in the same situation as she was growing up as an orphan in the area. Even though Teresa has her own biological daughter, Stephany, she treats all the children like they are her own. Teresa is a “Mami” for 73 children.


Head of the orphanage

Thín grew up in the area with this family. He is a farmer and takes care of the land of the orphanage and a couple of fields that Teresa and he own an hour away from the orphanage. Also, he thinks of all the ideas for the construction projects and supervises the processes.

Meet the German Team


Founder & chairwoman

Klara Kattwinkel is currently working as a psychologist for children and adolecents at the hospital and as a self-employed counsellor. Along her journey, she dedicated most of her time to volunteering and working with children in need across various contexts in Germany, the Netherlands, and Asia. Klara actively engaged in Impact Startups and initiatives, taking the lead in organizing fundraisers and initiating her own projects. Her initial fundraising project for Teresa’s orphanage in 2019 and her experiences in Vietnam deeply influenced Klara. During that time, she formed a genuine friendship with Teresa, who’s a true hero in her eyes. The way Teresa tirelessly worked for the cause inspired Klara to take action. Armed with the “do-it-yourself” mentality and fueled by plenty of passion, she rallied an awesome team together and built LittleBigDreams e.V. from scratch, all to support Teresa in bringing her incredible vision to life.


Founding member

Duc Le grew up in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He moved to Germany to pursue his studies in Architecture, and now he thrives as an architect, bringing his creative vision to life. He always wanted to build something that creates better opportunities for the children in his home country. Now, with LittleBigDreams, he can realize his vision; Duc not only oversees the construction projects but also serves as a bridge between Vietnamese and German languages, facilitating communication and understanding.


Founding member

Johannes Jamroszczyk grew up in Hannover. After finishing his nursing degree in which he gathered experiences as vice chairman of trainee councils and a member of one of the largest labor unions, he studied psychology in the Netherlands and later Innovation and Entrepreneurship as a Master’s in Hamburg. His dedication to creating positive change led him to found an impact startup of his own, where he channels his expertise and passion. With Klara, he organized the initial fundraising project in Vietnam that inspired the founding of LittleBigDreams.


Founding member & treasurer

Uwe Kattwinkel lives in Hamburg and worked as a senior vice president for communications in international groups for many years. In this role, he has been involved in various CSR projects. Currently, he runs his own consulting business. He helps LittleBigDreams with everything communication and number related.


Founding member

Joshua Taylor lives in Hamburg and studies Information Technology. Joshua is also known as the techy in our team – he gets things that others don’t. Apart from that, he works in the insurance sector and is very involved in the Ghanaian Christian community.


Founding member

Christine Ewaldsen lives in Hamburg and is a full-time working mum. She works in the media sector as a sales assistant and event manager. She does not just have tons of creative ideas but also excellent organizational skills that help with organizing LittleBigDreams’ events and fundraising campaigns.


Founding member

Lia Cygon was born in Hamburg, studied International Hospitality Management and has spent a majority of her adult life traveling the world. Before her studies, she spent 19 months abroad, where she, amongst other things, worked for a sustainability project in the hospitality sector and volunteered in a foster home in China with Klara. Later she spent another year studying Social Entrepreneurship in South Africa, exploring South America and SEA and cycling through South Korea before settling in Vienna.


Active member

Julischka Hainzl grew up in Potsdam and moved to the Netherlands to study Psychology. After graduating from high school, she completed an internship in a housing group for disadvantaged children and teenagers in Berlin. She met Klara shortly before LittleBigDreams, e. V. was officially founded and was immediately very enthusiastic about the project. Since then, she has been supporting Klara in all tasks that arise and builds a bridge between the team and the student committee.


Active member

Roxane Hüttemann grew up in Herford and moved to Hamburg for her degree in South Asian Studies. Besides her work in an international company, she volunteers for several causes with all her heart. By becoming a personal sponsor at LittleBigDreams, she fulfilled one of her big wishes and is excited to share her vast experiences and expertise with nonprofit work at LittleBigDreams.


Active member

Sidney Hemphill was born in Berlin, where she is currently studying Psychology. She has been a part of the team since its official formation and has been in the role of Central PMO since then. She has always been passionate about helping children, which led her to pursue a career in child and adolescent psychology, as well as involvement in several charities. With LittleBigDreams, she can do what she loves and work with an amazing team of young people who are willing to put in the time and effort to make a difference.


Active member

Merle von Malottki has been part of the LittleBigDreams team since 2020. She works as a psychologist at the hospital focusing on supporting people with dementia and is very interested in yoga, mindfulness, and positive psychology.


Active member

Martina Hüppauff grew up in Hamburg and worked for many years as a consultant in an internationally renowned auditing firm. She is now working as a coach.

She is responsible for the accounting of LittleBigDreams and is delighted to support the organization’s work in this way.

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