The garden

Still needed: Vegetable beds & tree donations

Initial situation

The orphanage is surrounded by a large garden, which was hardly planted at the beginning of the foundation of our nonprofit. It is inhabited by free-range chickens, ducks, and pigs. Next to the orphanage, there is also a beautiful rice field.

What was our dream?

The orphanage’s heads, Teresa and Thin, are farmers by trade. Therefore, their big dream has always been to farm the vast orphanage garden sustainably.

Our goals were:

🌱 The garden’s yield should be processed in the daily meals of the children. The surplus should be sold to neighbors and acquaintances so that the garden contributes to the financial independence of the orphanage.

🌱 To enable sustainable and resource-saving irrigation during the dry season. To ensure this, we wanted to build water tanks. These are commonly used in the area to capture and store rain during the rainy season.

🌱 The adolescents and young adults at the orphanage were to be given an insight into the work of agriculture so that they could decide whether they also wanted to pursue this profession later on.

🌱 To reduce plastic consumption and food delivery routes by cultivating the garden, Teresa would no longer have to buy fruits and vegetables from the supermarket through the yields.

🌱 To promote biodiversity and do something good for the environment by planting local and different tree species.

When was the implementation started?

June 2020

When was the project completed?

The planting and management of the garden is still ongoing.

Β  What was accomplished?

🌱263 local fruit trees were planted.

  • 9 different types of trees: mango, avocado, coconut, lemon, durian, jackfruit, banana, orange, and breadfruit trees.
  • Breadfruit trees are tropical evergreen trees that are incredibly versatile to process and eat. When the fruits are still unripe, they can be harvested and cooked into puree or vegetables. The taste and texture are similar to potatoes. However, the fruits can also be eaten raw once they are ripe. In addition, they can be processed into flour, which can be made into bread in our home bakery.

🌱Numerous huge vegetable beds with lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and onions have been planted

🌱 2 water tanks were built.

  • The water tanks collect rainwater during the rainy season (June – October) to meet the water needs for the farm during the dry season (October – June). In this way, the expansion of the plantation can also be realized sustainably. The tanks are commonly used in the region and were built by Thin and friendly construction workers from the local community.

🌱 30 chickens were purchased to roam freely in the orphanage garden. The eggs are used for daily meals & surplus is sold to neighbors.

We are still happy to receive:

🌱 Tree donations

For just 5€ you can donate a native tree & for 11€ a breadfruit tree.

🌱 Vegetable beds

For 50€ you can donate a huge vegetable patch.

Coconut Tree 6€

Lemon Tree 5€

Jackfruit Tree 7€

Durian Tree 10€

Mango Tree 5€

Avocado Tree 5€

A huge THANK YOU goes to:

All generous donors who make it possible for us to realize this dream. Thanks also to Hannah and Kim, who organized the sustainability event to raise funds for the garden project.

Thank you for your fantastic support in this heartfelt project. Without you, this dream would have remained just a dream!

I would like to sponsor the garden project:

IBAN: DE73 2005 0550 1500 5499 18



Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse