Education House

Costs: 15 000 €

One of our major projects is the Education House’s construction to promote early childhood education and offer the older children a place for further education and training.

In the new Education House, children can do their homework in peace and quiet, protected from rain and sun, prepare for school/university with the help of books and computer programs, and continue their education independently.

Where is it located?

The educational building is built between the dormitories and the main building. There the children can learn without noise pollution and with direct sunlight, due to the south orientation.

What is being built?

1) A library

This part of the educational building includes a library with bookshelves and computer tables, and a printer. In this room, the older children can research and learn. Besides, there will be a group table where the children can do homework together. This way, the older students can also support the younger ones with their tasks.

2) Computer room

The second part of the education building includes a computer room. In this room, the children can do research for school and practice with English programs specially designed for Vietnamese students to obtain language certificates. However, the long-term goal is also to employ an English teacher to teach regularly.

3) Playschool

The third part will be used as a kindergarten for the younger children. It is planned to set up a picture book corner for the children and purchase toys that will positively influence the children’s development.

3) Study rooms

The fourth part is used primarily for English lessons or for learning together. Moreover, the place can serve as a meeting room.

What additional advantages are there?

With the new education building, the old, semi-open classroom can soon be used as a music room. There the children can then withdraw to make music. Since Teresa’s brother is a musician and instrument maker, he already offered to give the children music lessons.

I would like to sponsor the education house:

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Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse