Initial situation

The orphanage had only two small and partially functioning bathrooms, which was obviously not enough for all the children. This made the observance of hygiene rules practically impossible. Due to the lack of shower cells, all the younger children washed outside under the valve of a water pipe. However, as they grew older, it became more and more uncomfortable for them to shower outside and in front of everyone.

What was our dream?

Our big dream was to build new bathrooms as soon as possible, with many sinks in front of the cubicles, to improve the hygienic conditions in the orphanage.


Children in front of the bathrooms in Vietnam

Our goals were:

🛁 Build 4 bathrooms

🛁 Build washbasins in front of the cabins so that children can also wash their hands when the showers are occupied.

🛁 Improve hygienic conditions in the orphanage so that diseases and infections between children can be prevented.

🛁 To build wells behind the bathrooms to improve the water supply.

When was the implementation started?

January 2020

When was the project completed?

April 2020

What was achieved?

 🛁 4 bathrooms were built

 Each cabin is equipped with a shower, a toilet, and a sink.

 🛁 Wash basins were built

 🛁 A cement floor was poured in front of the bathrooms to ensure that the children do   not get dirty feet on the way to the bathrooms

 🛁 Covering the area between the new bathrooms and the main building to ensure that   the children do not get wet when it rains.

 This covered space can also be used for homework or as a play area, and for drying   clothes.

 🛁 Well construction

 🛁 Donations are regularly made for hygiene products such as period products, soap,   disinfectants, etc.


A huge THANK YOU goes to

All the small and big donors who made it possible for us to realize this dream.

Thank you for your great support in this project of the heart. Without you, this dream would have remained only a dream!

IBAN: DE73 2005 0550 1500 5499 18



Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse