Boy’s Dormitory

Initial situation

At the time of the foundation of Littlebigdreams e.V., all children slept in a dormitory. Since there were not enough beds for all the children, there were always 3 children sharing a bed, and still, a few boys had to sleep on the floor of the half-open classroom. This was a very problematic situation because not only the danger of diseases and spreading them worried us, but also snakes and mosquitoes posed a danger. In addition, the only dormitory lacked storage space, so the children had to store all their belongings and school supplies on the beds and the floor.

What was our dream?

Our dream was to build a large boys’ dormitory where each boy would have his own bed with enough storage space for clothes and personal belongings.

left: Old dormitory
right: Boys dormitory

Our goals were:

🛏 Each boy sleeps in his own bed.

🛏 Every child can store their belongings safely & neatly

🛏 Smaller rooms give the boys more privacy

🛏 Building a bathroom in the boys’ dormitory, so they don’t have to walk through the dark and cold to the toilets at night

When was the implementation started?

July 2020

When was the project completed?

November 2020

 What did we accomplish?

 🛏 Construction of a 98m2 boys dormitory.

 🛏 There are 4 bedrooms in total, each of which is 14.8m2 in size

 🛏 Each room is equipped with new bunk beds, a huge closet, lamps, mosquito nets,   fans, lamps, and traditional handmade curtains

 🛏 An 8m2 bathroom, with toilet, sink & shower.

 🛏 Spacious storage room

 🛏 A large veranda on each side of the house.

  • Boys can play there protected from rain and put their shoes on shelves. In this way, they do not carry the mud into the house in the rainy season, and hygienic conditions are easier to maintain. These kinds of verandas are very typical for the area.

A special THANK YOU goes to

The Ascheraden Foundation and to all the small and big donors who made it possible for us to realize this dream.

Thank you for your great support in this heartfelt project. Without you, this dream would have remained only a dream!

Thank you for your support!

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Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse