Y Ru

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Birthday: 2008

Age: 13 years old

Gender: Girl

Dream: Teacher

Needs: Bike


Y Ru lived until recently with her family in a small village not far from Kon Tum. Since she has an incredible number of siblings and her parents have great financial worries, they decided with a heavy heart to bring Y Ru to Teresa in the orphanage.

In the beginning, Y Ru was very sad to leave her family, but now she seems to feel much more comfortable in her new home. The other children have all welcomed her into the big LittleBigDreams family and play with her a lot. Y Ru is incredibly happy that the large home garden is being planted, and more and more animals are living on the property. She loves helping Teresa feed the chickens and pigs. Click here to learn more about this important garden project that promotes the independence of the home.

Besides gardening, Y Ru loves going to school. She is a very hardworking student and dreams of one day passing on knowledge to children as a teacher herself. But until then, she still has a long way to go, starting with the one-hour walk to school. Unfortunately, Y Ru does not yet have her own bicycle. Therefore she has to walk the long, exhausting way to school every day. This is especially problematic during the rainy season when she often arrives at school soaking wet. Besides, she cannot even change her wet clothes because she only has one school uniform. This leads to Y Ru catching colds and getting sick more often. For 45 Euros you can donate a bike and help Y Ru reach a dry place faster.

However, the best way to support Y Ru is to become her personal sponsor. A sponsorship costs you only 93 cents a day and helps Y Ru grow up without financial worries and pursue her dreams.

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