Y Linh Da

Yay, I have found a sponsor!

Birthday: 2008 

Age: 12 years old 

Gender: Girl 

Dream: Become a teacher

Needs: Doctor’s appointment

Not only was Y Linh Da’s father mentally ill, but her family was also impoverished. Y Linh Da’s family comes from a tiny, impoverished village. They, therefore, could not provide for her anymore, and her aunt brought Y Linh Da to the orphanage. Unfortunately, Y Linh Da’s head is always very itchy, and she struggles with hair loss. However, the finances do not allow her to go to the doctor. But your donation to our charity could change that. Y Linh Da is an absolute talent when it comes to dancing and remembers every move straight away. She is also outstanding at school and can understand and say quite a few things in English. Her greatest dream is to work as a teacher in the future to pass her knowledge on to children. Through the initial project, which inspired the creation of LittleBigDreams e.V.’, Y Linh Da already got a bike for the long and exhausting way to school. You can sponsor Y Linh Da to support her financially until she becomes an independent woman with a, hopefully, promising future to look forward to.

i would like to sponsor Y Linh Da:

IBAN: DE73 2005 0550 1500 5499 18



Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse