Y Loan

Yay, I have found a sponsor!

Birthday: 2013

Age: 8 years old

Gender: Girl

Dream: Become a teacher

Needs: Bicycle, backpack, badminton equipment

Y Loan has three siblings, but, unfortunately, her family is impoverished. Since her mother gets sick a lot, her parents were not able to provide enough food for all their children anymore. Therefore, Y Loan came together with her sister Y Loang to Teresa’s orphanage.

Despite leaving home, Y Loan still enjoys playing games with the other children. Her favorite activity is playing badminton ball. However, sadly, there is neither a net nor racket at the orphanage. Donate a “LittleBigDreams Set” to contribute to fulfilling her dream of playing badminton with the proper equipment. Moreover, we are planning to build a multi sports court in the middle of the buildings to create an attractive center. This court will include a big soccer field with goals and a portable net to play badminton. Click here, to read more about this important project. 

For the future, Y Loan dreams of becoming a teacher. Right now, she urgently needs a backpack (15 Euros) and a bike (45 Euros) for the nearly one-hour-long walk to school. A donation to our charity assists Y Loan in further pursuing her education, which is essential for her dream to become a teacher.

However, the best way to support Y Loan is to become her personal sponsor. Having a sponsor means having financial security, which is very valuable for Y Loan on her way to independence.

i would like to sponsor Y Loan:

IBAN: DE73 2005 0550 1500 5499 18



Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse