A Kha Ly

Yay, I have found a sponsor!

Birthday: 2011

Age: 10 years old

Gender: Boy

Needs: Medicine, Games or puzzles

A Kha Ly’s mother has cancer, and his dad severely injured himself while working in the fields. Since the family is impoverished, they were not able to pay for his food or tuition fees. As a consequence, they had to bring him with a heavy heart to the orphanage.

A Kha Ly gets headaches and fevers a lot, and hence, he needs a lot of rest. So, even though he loves to run around and play with the other boys, it is not always possible due to his medical circumstances.

With your support and donation to our charity, we can build an infirmary in the future so that sick children can get the necessary medicine and treatment at the orphanage. Further, we hope that the infirmary will contribute to reducing the spread of illnesses among the children. Read here more about this critical project. 

Moreover, you can donate the LittleBigDreams Set and, thus, contribute to fulfilling his dream of having a mind-challenging game or puzzle.

However, the best way to support A Kha Ly is to become his personal sponsor. Thereby, you provide him with the financial stability he needs while pursuing his dreams.

i would like to sponsor A Kah Ly:

IBAN: DE73 2005 0550 1500 5499 18



Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse