Y Dan

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Birthday: 2017

Age: 4 years old

Gender: Girl


Needs: Board Game


Y Dan´s story

Y Dan grew up in impoverished circumstances. Unfortunately, her parents fell ill and could not afford medicine and treatment due to the lack of money. This, in turn, led to unemployment. With a heavy heart, her parents realized that they could no longer take care of their daughter and decided to take Y Dan to Teresa’s orphanage in Kon Tum. Y Dan has not lived with Teresa for long and sometimes still suffers from homesickness. But she usually is a delighted child who loves to sing and play with the other children in her spare time.

What is she dreaming about?

Currently, her biggest wish is to own a new board game that she can play with her friends. If you would like to help fulfill Y Dan’s wish, you can donate a LittleBigDreams set for only 25 Euros. This set contains only the things that the children want most – for instance, balls, games, and books. While playing, Y Dan is immersed in her own little fantasy world.

If you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, she has a new dream every time. But Y Dan still has a long way to go before she makes this decision.

How can you best support her?

At the moment, the most important thing is that the youngest children in the orphanage, including Y Dan, have a room to play in that is protected from the rain. Since we have only a very modest selection of games and books for toddlers so far, we want to change this soon. Because we are planning to build an educational building in which one room is intended as a retreat for the younger children. Learn more about this essential project here.

However, the best way to support Y Dan is to take on a personal sponsorship for her. With only 93 cents per day, you can help her grow up without financial worries and pursue her big and small dreams.

i would like to sponsor Y Dan:

IBAN: DE73 2005 0550 1500 5499 18



Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse