Amazing news! As you can tell from the title, the boys’ dormitory is finally done! Some weeks ago, one of the most significant projects of our orphanage could finally be successfully finished. Before, the boys had to sleep in the outdoor classroom. Sometimes, they had to share the same bedroom with the girls. It was not a safe environment for them to sleep, especially because of the storms, mosquitoes and snakes.

Now, the boys feel safe and protected. Together, with our architect Duc Le, a founding member of our nonprofit organisation, we drew up a floor plan and began construction work. At last, a few months later, the time has finally come for the boys to move in. They have more privacy now and a kingdom of their own.


The Dormitory

The workers built a 98 house. It consists of four separate rooms, with 14m² each. There are also a big 8  bathroom and a storage room where the boys can store their additional belongings. In front of the house, there is a veranda, which protects the children from the rain.


The Furnishing

The boys are now sleeping in their new bunk beds. Thanks to our sponsors, each bed now has a new mattress, a duvet, two pillows, and new covers. Furthermore, Teresa and the workers could add to each room one large closet and lamps.

The move-in was on 28th November 2020. Teresa, the children and all of the staff made a small party in the orphanage. They made a barbecue and played and sang songs around a small campfire.

Since the first implementation of a dormitory worked very well, the next step is to address the girls’ sleeping quarters to offer them more safety at night as well.



Thank You

Thank you so much, Ascheraden Stiftung! 

You helped us finance the complete furnishing and thus, build the new dormitory. We are truly grateful for all your work and support! We are incredibly happy that, with this support, the boys’ dreams came true. Although it sounds cliche, now they believe even more that dreams can become a reality. And with a new roof on their heads, they can dream and sleep even more day by day. 

Celebration with a barbecue for orphaned children