With LittleBigDreams you can donate a tree for 5 euros. The tree is then planted on the home grounds of the orphanage and usually provides not only fresh fruit, but also a pleasant greenery. This has a number of advantages. More and more studies in recent years show that walks in nature can have a positive impact on self-compassion and thus strengthen a positive body image.

In our everyday lives we are constantly confronted with unrealistic body ideals. Women are told they have to be both athletic and thin, with curves in the right places – and only there. For men, fat pads are a “no-go” and a steeled body is to be strived for. Many people, especially women, take these ideals to heart and are painfully aware of their apparent “insufficiencies.” This in turn can lead to insecurity, low self-esteem and anxiety. In psychological research, more and more attention is being paid to the importance of positive body image. Studies show that self-love and feeling good about one’s body can act like a buffer against various psychological disorders. For example, anxiety disorders or depression can be prevented or alleviated.

But learning to love yourself and your body unconditionally is often harder than one may think. All too often, we tend to be our own harshest critics. At this point, Mother Nature can come to our rescue. When we spend time in nature, our attention is diverted from the demands of society and our minds are freed. Thus, walking in the forest provides stress reduction. We feel more relaxed and in harmony with ourselves. In addition, we usually engage in physical activities when we are in nature, which shifts the focus onto the functionality of our body and away from the external appearance .

In conclusion, a nature walk is a simple and even Covid-19 compliant way to do something good for yourself and give yourself some love.

You can also bring a little more greenery to Kon Tum with a tree donation to Littlebigdreams.



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