The Sponsorships:

LittleBigDreams supports 73 Children of an orphanage in the region of Kon Tum in Vietnam. To support Teresa in making it possible that all of these children can live the lives they deserve, we search for potential sponsors and donors to make these lives happen. One sponsorship only requires a monthly donation of 28 euros. The money finances a child over one month and supports him or her in realizing his or her dreams.


The pictures:

If you have already visited our website, you should have identified that the children’s pictures changed. All pictures of the children were replaced by visual designs to ensure the children’s privacy and security in the future. The visualized designs were designed and created by Forest Li for free and allocated to every child on the website.


The Sponsorships:

At this point, we already have 32 children with Sponsors. Even though our goal is that every child has a lasting supporter is not fulfilled yet, we work hard to realize that all the children have their own sponsor soon. Our goal and view are that the children are not just financed through their school education. We want to support Teresa in enabling the children to engage in further education. The kids should have the opportunity to visit the University or attend vocational training. The aim is that the support stops when the children are entirely financially independent. That is why we also try to find sponsors for older children to ensure their further education. 



As the children needed to relinquish a lot in their lives, the members of LittleBigDreams made it our mission to continually support Teresa in providing basic needs like food, clean water, a dry and secure home, books, and much more. To ensure the continuity of the resources, we are primarily dependent on our sponsorships and donations to take care of the children.


Feel free to visit our website and become a sponsor or donor to ensure the continuity of the children’s support in the future!