Are you scrolling through our website and are wondering how you can support LittleBigDreams e. V.? There are a lot of different ways how you can help the children in the orphanage.

What can I do?

Of course, there is the possibility to make a general donation. The money will go wherever it is most urgently needed. If you want to decide, however, where your money goes, then donating to a specific project is the right option for you. Right now, you can support one of our three projects: Repairing the kitchen roof of the orphanage, building a new bathroom, and a bigger dormitory. Currently, we are already constructing the bathrooms to offer a more hygienic environment for the children. If you are looking for something more personal, take a look at our option: Sponsor a child. After you decided to take over a sponsorship, you will receive a letter with pictures of the child, and more information about his/her story, dreams, and wishes for the future. Twice a year, you will receive a letter with updates of the child. But you are also more than welcome to contact your sponsored child at any time.

If you are looking for a meaningful present, you can gift someone else, take a look at our donation packages. We offer fifteen different packages, among them, are, for example, a bike, a first aid kit, a chicken, clothing, hygienic, and a LittleBigDream Set. In return, you will get a beautifully created certificate which you can gift to someone else. We also produced and sell self-made, vegan lemongrass, and rose soap. Moreover, we offer hand-made bracelets with different meanings. Every stone color stands for something different, like, for example, the stone Aventurine with which you gift the children in the orphanage with optimism and courage. You can also purchase beautiful self-made pillows, the time and material was donated. All the profits will go to the children in the orphanage.


You can also support our cause by taking part in our workshops. Until now, we offered twice a plant-hanger workshop and a relaxation yoga class in Groningen. We have many more workshops coming up, to keep updated, check out our Instagram and Facebook page.


I do not have any spare money can I still support LittleBigDreams e.V.?

Yes, there are still a lot of ways in which you can support us in our mission! We are always looking for creative people who would like to teach one of our workshops or know someone who knows someone. That also refers to when you know somebody who can support our nonprofit in any imaginable way. We are more than happy when you introduce us to him/her. Further, if you do not live in Groningen but still want to support LittleBigDreams, you can start fundraising for our project in a different city. That could include selling clothing, organizing events, and distributing flyers. Our committee is already planning a fleamarket in Groningen soon. When you do have clothing, kitchen equipment, or anything that could be of use for somebody else, contact us and sell it for a good cause.


I do not have a lot of money and time. Can I still help?

Yes, you can! We do not spend any money on advertisement. Therefore, our organization relies entirely on word-of-mouth recommendation. It would be fantastic if you talk with your friends and family about LittleBigDreams. Show them our website, invite them to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to contact us for flyers. We offer them in English, German, and also soon in Dutch. Please share them with your friends and your family. Spread them, for instance, in your favorite coffee, your university, and by your hairdresser. If you are a part of a student association, you can propose to them supporting our charity or to display our flyers on game days.


There are so many different ways in which you can be a part of this singular vision. We are so thankful for all the support we already received. Without you, nothing of this would be possible. Every little thing counts!