The construction of the bathrooms is moving along quickly. Teresa’s husband Thìn and some of his friends from the local community build the beautiful new bathrooms. They consist of four bathroom stalls with a shower, sink, and toilet inside. Right now, most of the outside is already finished. Only the roof still needs to be worked on. At the moment, Teresa picks out the tiles, taps, etc. for the inside so that the bathrooms will be ready in no time. That is essential due to the Covid-19 situation, which from which Kon Tum is affected quite harshly. 

Why are new bathrooms necessary?

Right now, there are only two bathrooms that are constantly broken. For so many children, two bathrooms are just not enough. The younger ones all have to shower outside, but soon they will not feel comfortable doing that anymore. 

Additionally, the children at the orphanage are constantly sick with the flu or stomach diseases and infect each other all the time. Especially now, with the coronavirus, the situation is even more critical. Proper hygienic conditions are essential in this time of crisis. 

What else is being built?

Thin and the fellow helpers are also building sinks in front of the bathroom stalls. That way, the children can wash their hands properly and at the same time. Below you find a Vietnamese video that educates about hand washing and hygiene in times of corona.

Furthermore, they build wells behind the bathrooms to enable water supply. Moreover, the plan is to cast a cement floor to make sure that the children do not get dirty feet when they walk to the bathroom. Further, the idea is to build a roofed are between the bathroom stalls, the dormitory, and the kitchen. Like that, the children do not get wet when they need to use the bathroom at night. This is especially important during rain and monsoon season. 

What other benefits would the building bring?

Under this roofed area would also be space for the children to do their homework and for Teresa to hang up the children’s clothes to dry. Teresa’s brother also offered to give music lessons for traditional bamboo instruments in that area. Until now, there is just not enough space for this amazing initiative. Music lessons would not only bring the children immense joy and contribute to their well being but would also create an employment possibility for when they are grown up. Teresa’s brother builds musical instruments and professionally plays at weddings and other festivities.


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