The Coronavirus pandemic was confirmed to have spread to Vietnam on 23 January 2020. Since then, Vietnam has 227 confirmed and 3,215 suspected COVID-19 cases. Luckily, they are no reported deaths so far. Still, over 75,000 people are monitored and under quarantined now. Since yesterday the government of Vietnam applies more drastic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The strict social distancing rules apply nationwide for at least fifteen days. The constraints include self-isolation and restricting people from leaving homes except for food and medicines. Moreover, it is prohibited to gather with more than two people and you need to keep a distance of two meters when outside. Click here for the latest updates. 

How does it affect Teresa and the children at the orphanage?

All schools and universities are closed. Therefore, all the 59 children are at the orphanage. Understandably, Teresa is anxious that one child is going to be affected by COVID-19. Therefore, she takes all the essential measures to protect the children, including buying vast amounts of groceries. She does that so that she can build up stocks and does not have to go shopping anytime soon. Since the coronavirus epidemic emphasized how urgent it is to improve the hygienic situation at the orphanage, it is our top priority, at the moment, to finish the constructions of the new bathrooms.

 Some positivity in times of Corona

Because the younger children do not understand the seriousness of the situation, they enjoy their extra playtime. For instance, the one-year-old A Giang is thrilled to get much attention from the older children who would typically be in school. And the twelve-year-old A Bât enjoys playing soccer all day long. Both boys are still looking for sponsors. Under sponsor a child, you can find further information about their stories, dreams, and hopes. 

We need your support!

Support Teresa and the kids by purchasing a set of hygienics and speed up the construction of the bathrooms. The bathrooms are essential because, at the moment, there are only two partly broken bathroom stalls for 59 children, and the kids continuously infect each other. ⠀

As for the hygienics: There are two different sets of hygienics that you can donate – a small one for 15€ and a big one for 50€. They include soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary napkin, toilet paper, and antiseptic.