In this world were commerce and profit seem to be the driving factors, one seldom stumbles across a stranger who listens to your ideas and decides to share their business space with you so you can host workshops in a cozy environment and expects nothing in return.

Thus, we believe it is appropriate to share our experiences with you that confirmed once again for us, that the world is full of wonderful and kind people. “Mahalo” is an expression of gratitude in Hawaii and fittingly the name of the wonderful and cozy Café here in Groningen that we absolutely love to spend time at.After getting into a conversation with Belle, who runs this magical place, she didn’t hesitate to offer us her entire Café for several evenings to host workshops and fundraise for LittleBigDreams e. V. Since then we had two great and successful plant hanger Workshops at the Mahalo which lives up to its name not only by putting love into every inch of its existence but creating the highest amount of gratitude in us for this opportunity. We want to thank Belle and the Mahalo for the support and suggest everyone to stop by there (Mahalo, Verlengde Grachtstraat 1) to experience the wonderful atmosphere for yourselves.

You can read about the events mentioned in the previous blog posts. And keep an eye out for our new workshops that will be happening soon! Thank you, Belle, for your support.