Listening, learning and doing the work is the key. No matter where you and we are in the journey to understanding white privilege and systemic racism, now at the latest is time to listen and to learn. This is an opportunity for us to lean in and gain awareness. Are you ready to start (or continue) doing the work? ⁠This work will be uncomfortable at times. It’ll take commitment. But it will hold empowerment, truth, reconciliation, love, hope, and change. Everyone has the responsibility to acknowledge the problems of racism and to speak out against injustice actively. We, at LittleBigDreams e.V., have learned a lot in the last year, also related to white saviorism, and have questioned and changed patterns in nonprofit work. But we are still on our journey and committed to listen, learn, and educate ourselves more. Soon we will dedicate a blogpost to how we are trying to address the problem of white saviorism, how listening and learning from Teresa and Thín is the foundation of all of our projects and why their ideas and decisions are the ones that determine what we do (and why this should be the standard in all nonprofits). If you have any questions, comments or suggestions until then let us know through Join us: We put together a list of resources containing books, films, and podcasts on our blog and actionable steps to be ACTIVELY anti-racist.


  • Me and my white supremacy by @laylafsaad
  • White fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism


Netflix Documentaries:

  • 13th by @ava 
  • The central park five


For the german-speaking of you (both available for free on spotify & apple music): 

  • Exit Racism – Tupoka Ogette @tupoka.o
  • Was weisse Menschen nicht über Rassismus hören wollen aber wissen sollen – Alice Hasters  @alice_haruko

If you have further resources that you would recommend, feel free to contact us anytime.