Yesterday night, the basketball association Groene Uilen held a charity auction for LittleBigDreams, e.V., in the Jut and Jul bar in Groningen.

In this charity auction, the Uilen-Moestasj members offered fun activities. The other UilenMoessies could bid on. It was awesome to see how many different and creative activities they provided.

Charity Auction Items

Among those activities at the charity auction were a living room concert, a game night, stand-up paddling, a Mexican night, and a windsurfing course. Additionally, a men’s team offered a hooligan service. It includes painting themselves green and black, waving flags, smashing drums, and blowing horns at the other team’s game. A girl even offered a date with herself for bidding at the charity auction. In total, the teams came up with 15 different activities for charity auction.

A huge Success

Before the event started, we had the chance to meet with the charity committee from the Groene Uilen. They organized the whole night and who also already have a second event planned for us. We also got the opportunity to introduce our nonprofit organization to all the basketball players before the auction began. Yesterday, it was not only a fun and cheerful night, but it was also amazing to see how much the teams were willing to bid for the activities. After the event ended, we were quite overwhelmed by the amount of money raised. Overall, the charity auction collected 1.265 Euros for LittleBigDreams e.V. This is fantastic because we will use the funds for the further construction of the orphanage’s bathrooms in Kon Tum, Vietnam.

Our Collaboration

The collaboration with the Groene Uilen started when their charity committee was looking for a local nonprofit organization to support. A friend of ours called our attention to this advert, and we reached out to them to introduce our organization. When we heard that they are going to support our mission to care for the children in our orphanage, we were deeply grateful. Therefore, we were really looking forward to this night and extremely excited to see how it all played out.

We cannot thank you enough, Groene Uilen, for organizing this event for us! Also, a big shoutout to everyone who bid their money for a good cause. We are looking forward to furthering collaboration.