The last week was an exciting and successful week for us at LittleBigDreams e.V.. We organized our first two workshops to raise enough money to buy new shoes for all the children in the orphanage. A pair of shoes for the little ones cost 8 euros and for the older ones 12 euros.
On Tuesday, our first workshop took place at the top of the water tower in Groningen. In this beautiful location, opelyoga gave a relaxation yoga class on a donation basis. It was amazing to see how many people came and donated to the children.
Our plant hanger workshop took place on Wednesday in the beautiful vegan café Mahalo in Groningen. Mahalo offered us to use their space for free, which has a beautiful view of the Noorderplantson park. In a homelike atmosphere, the skilled instructor Clara showed us how to make a plant hanger. We provided snacks and fresh mint tea. This workshop was not only a success because it was completely booked out, but also because so many of the participants showed a genuine interest in what we do.
In total, we raised 486 Euros so that we able now to buy shoes for all of the 51 children in the orphanage. It was an awesome experience, and we are very grateful to everyone who participated!
An especially great thank you to Opelyoga, Mahalo, and Clara, who made these workshops possible!