Exciting news! Recently, we have started to produce our own complimentary bracelets.

If you make a donation over 9,50€, you can request one of these bracelets as a complimentary gift. A few of the active members of the LittleBigDreams e. V. team started manufacturing the wristbands, and even people outside of the project volunteered and joined in. Of course, the little accessories are all carefully crafted by hand, and all of the material costs were donated by our members. So far, a lot of people have shown interest in getting a bracelet, so we decided to let you know of this project online as well!

Special bracelets with meaningful stones

In fact, the bracelets are equipped with fascinating stones that are not only appealing to look at, but also represent individual meanings. There are various different colors and stones to choose from, so you can pick the one that you like the most. There is Aventurine, which stands for Optimism and Courage, Turquoise, which is supposed to provide Health and Happiness, and Rose Quartz, gifting Love and Happiness. You can also choose the thread color. Bracelets in dark brown, grey, and dark green are available at the moment.
Naturally, you can either get one for yourself or someone you care about. By purchasing a bracelet, the meaning of the stone is passed on to both the person wearing the bracelet and the kids in the orphanage. During these times of worldwide crisis, all signs of support can go a long way and are extremely helpful to stay strong and positive!

Purchasing a bracelet

As always, all donations go directly towards the project. At the moment, the new bathrooms still need a lot of work, and the roof connecting it to the main building still needs to be constructed, providing an extra area for the children to do their homework or for Teresa to dry the children’s clothes. If you are considering getting a bracelet, feel free to contact us and let us know what color and stone you would like!
You can contact us by sending an email to info@littlebigdreams.org, or send us a message on Instagram or Facebook.
We are happy to hear from you!