A Luan

Yay, I have found a sponsor!

Birthday: 2007

Age: 14 years old

Gender: Boy

Needs: Doctor’s appointment, backpack, calculator, bicycle

A Luon’s parents passed away when he was very young. However, he just came recently to live with Teresa and all the other children. Therefore, everything is still very new to him, and he has to get used to everyday life at Teresa’s orphanage. In his free time, A Luon loves to play soccer. This is amazing because many children at the orphanage love to play soccer; thus, it is a great way to connect with all the other children at the orphanage to make new friendships.  Moreover, A Luon also dreams of becoming a successful and professional soccer player in the future. Therefore, he is training extra hard and often. Next to soccer, A Luon also loves taking care of dogs. Therefore, he is really excited that the orphanage dog, Mine, had a second litter recently. Like all the other children, he loves playing and cuddling with the cute puppies in the big orphanage’s garden. There are a lot of things, A Luon still wishes for. One of them is to own a bike. Until now, he has to walk the one-hour way to school and back. This is especially problematic during the rainy season since he arrives in school already soaking wet. If you want to fulfill his wish, consider gifting him a good bike for only 100 Euros. This could be a massive improvement in his everyday life.

Further, A Luon dreams of sleeping in his own bed. This dream is about to get fulfilled with our new project, the new boys’ dormitory. Help us in speeding up the process and donate a bank bed for only 152 Euros. Also, you can sponsor A Luon and, thereby, support him financially while growing up. This monthly support is an essential milestone in his way of pursuing his dreams and becoming an independent man.


i would like to sponsor A Luon:

IBAN: DE73 2005 0550 1500 5499 18



Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse