Support a project of your heart!

  1. Support the children to be able to pursue their dreams (Let’s dream bigger together).
  2. Contribute to the sustainable development of the orphanage!
  3. Help the orphanage to help itself: The goal is to make the orphanage financially independent.

What can you expect?

The wonderful thing about our LittleBigDreams community is that it is the bridge between the active and passive support of the association. So it’s up to you to decide whether you want to interact, whether you prefer to support us financially through your monthly contribution or whether you even want to help us more actively. Everything is possible!

Community certificate with your name

We will send you your certificate by email after you have joined the LittleBigDreams community.

Be part of a like-minded community

The LittleBigDreams Community is an interactive and international group of people that believes in being proactive, aware, and curious to keep learning and growing.

Regular exclusive updates from Vietnam

We will keep you updated on all crucial progress, happenings, and news from the orphanage.

Bi-monthly Community Letter

Our Community Letter keeps you up to date on our community offerings, current projects, orphanage situation & opportunities to get involved. 

Quarterly online Q&A meetings and space to share your ideas and suggestions with the community

These private sessions provide a space for your questions, provide you with inside information, and allow you to share with our community. You will receive the Zoom link via email.

Information compiled exclusively for you on topics such as sustainability, human rights & Vietnam

You get access to the Community Drive, which is regularly filled with content compiled for you by our team. You can expect articles, blog posts, self-recorded videos, or even podcasts.

Once a year, free participation in a LittleBigDreams event of your choice

You have the opportunity to participate in an online event of your choice once a year. The events range from mindfulness and yoga evenings to artistic activities and sustainability events.

You get access to free downloads

Among other things, you can find templates for donation appeals, as well as a list that gives you an overview of all support possibilities. You will also see our latest PDF flyer, templates for Instagram stories and posts. These documents make it easy for you to create your own LittleBigDreams fundraising page and share your passion with others.

Investment: 12€/ month

Your money investment equals in Germany:

1 takeaway dinner

1 visit to the cinema

One month of Netflix

What does 12€ mean for Teresa’s orphanage? A few examples:

School fees

for 4 months

2 fruit trees


1 chicken

that provides

eggs for the

children &

the bakery


35 kg of flour

for the



Pencils &


for one child

for 6 months


Breakfast for

all children


IBAN: DE73 2005 0550 1500 5499 18



Bank: Hamburger Sparkasse